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Your client needs a vacation. It doesn’t matter where and it doesn’t matter when. All that matters is they take a quick escape to escape reality for a few moments. What happens if they have never taken a trip before? What do they do? Well, the professionals at EKITravels are here to tell you there is no need to freak out. We have all the information you need to ensure their trip is perfect. We are a vacation travel agency that is dedicated to helping travel agents get the information they need to pass along to the people they serve. You can trust us as the best travel agency near me.

Our Travel Planning Services

When an individual is planning a trip they need an itinerary. This is a sort of plan that makes sure everything stays organizes, within budget, and stress-free. There are many times with individuals do not know where to go and feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities. They have trouble organizing a last-minute getaway and don’t have time to arrange the details.

Let a local expert help. We offer first-hand recommendations for where to go, what to do, where to stay, where to eat, and how to get around. From day trips to vacations and holidays, we offer travel planning services to help you get the most out of your trip. Whether your clients are going on a honeymoon, anniversary trip, family vacation, getaway with friends, solo adventure, or any other type of trip, we can work with you to plan a great escape for them. You’ll have the advantage of our local knowledge and global expertise.

Check Our Vacation Travel Agency Services

Our services can include:

  • Consultation to discuss your goals and interests
  • Accommodation suggestions tailored to your budget and preferences
  • Sightseeing and restaurant recommendations tailored to your interests and tastes
  • Flight booking advice for the best routes and top frequent flier mile redemptions
  • Car rental options for your itinerary
  • Train and ferry and other regional transport booking advice
  • Optimization based on your frequent traveler memberships
  • Visa advice if your trip requires a visa
  • Custom travel guide with tailored recommendations and detailed maps

Who Are We

EKITravels is the best in the United States, with offices on both the east and west coasts of the United States. We cover all 50 states, including Hawaii and the Caribbean. We also service Canada and Mexico travelers. With our combined experience of more than forty years, we stand by the quality of our service. EKI Travels guarantees you comprehensive information, perfect preparation, and prompt and professional service, making us the number one travel agency in Miami!

Our amazing services include the following:

  • Tours
  • Transportation
  • VIP Services
  • Hotels
  • Entertainment
  • Group services

Get Assitance From The Best Travel Agency Near Me

You are a prime travel itinerary planner, and your client is depending on you to make their travel experience the best it can possibly be. Let us be the vacation travel agency you can trust. Here at EKI Travels, we are here to make sure you will make that a possibility. We will aid you with any information or questions you may have that you can pass along to your clients. Visit or call our travel agency Miami FL office today. We are a travel agency near me.

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