It is the new year, and you know what that means. Time to turn over a new leaf and get ahead on your new year resolution. For many, this means traveling! With today’s society being hyper-focused on how to obtain or maintain a certain quality lifestyle, it is no surprise that people are continually looking for the latest trends regarding luxury travel. Here at EKITravels, we are focused on keeping you up to date on travel trends. We are the best destination management companies Miami.


Traveling is Totally Worth It!

While jet-setting across the globe for a trip around the world would seem like the ultimate vacation for any travel-enthusiast, it is interesting to see how many different niche travel destinations and resorts there are to put a new twist on the ultimate trip. Some of the latest travel trends for 2019 are just an updated version of the standard go-to features of a true dream vacation, but there are others that seem far more specific to the tastes of the traveler. Not everyone wants to go on a beach vacation to sit and sip on the sand, just as not everyone wants to fill their days with hiking trails or skiing on the slopes. We are one of the best destination management companies Miami.


Our Top Travel Trends

  • Culinary Locations
    • Rather than adrenaline-filled activities, people are starting to seek out ways to experience new cultures through a culinary-based tour.


  • Solo Vacations
    • Rather than thinking of it as a backpacking excursion akin to something like Reese Witherspoon’s film Wild, companies have started to alter vacation packages to cater to solo travelers. Traveling solo can be a bit intimidating for some and people used to think of it as quite distinct in the type of persona that could head out on vacation without a traveling companion.


  • Floating Villa
    • Remember when the Kardashians went to Bora Bora and Kim lost her diamond earring in the ocean? Why not relive this moment in the crystal clear waters and amazing amenities?


  • Yoga Vacations
    • While yoga has been consistently popular over the years, it seems like there is an all-new obsession with this healthy-living activity that treats the mind, body, and soul. There are a number of different hotels that offer various yoga packages, but there is a huge trend in luxury travel that has people immersing themselves into yoga in a whole new and intense way.


  • Cycle Tours
    • Traveling through Europe on a bike has always been a huge fascination for tourists. Not everyone can cycle the Tour de France, but utilizing some cycling in Europe as a vacation retreat comes at a close second. People often think of the I Love Lucy episode when Lucy orchestrated a biking venture and wound up getting into a bit of a debacle over her missing passport.


  • Hot Springs
    • From traveling to the Dead Sea for the restorative properties of the water and clay to the numerous hot spring resorts that claim to really boost the quality of the skin, it seems like people are starting to think about vacationing near water in a whole new way.


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