If you love to travel it’s fair to assume that you like to stay on top of what other travelers are doing and where they’re going. Paying attention to trends, even from the previous year, is helpful when you’re trying to plan your next getaway. The travel trends 2018 saw are definitely going to be different than the ones we see this year, but the destination management companies Miami locals trust think it’s essential to analyze and consider these trends so you can anticipate what is going to be popular. If you’re in the Miami area, EKITravels can help you examine the different trends from 2018 and come up with the right plan for your 2019 travel.


Taking a Deeper Look at the Travel Trends 2018 Had

If you’re thinking about planning a trip this year, it’s extremely helpful to have an understanding about what trends were popular during the previous year. Talking with one of the destination management companies Miami natives use the most is a great place to start when you’re trying to learn about travel trends. One of the biggest reasons for having this information is helpful is because when things become more popular, they tend to become more expensive. Keep reading to learn more about the trends 2018 saw and how they can impact your travel in 2019.


In 2018 the Winter Olympics were held in South Korea, which put the country on the map as a popular tourist destination. The Olympics aren’t the only reason to visit this beautiful country. South Korea features temples, palaces, cherry blossoms, and some of the most fabulous street food. Also, the skincare products that are made in Korea have also made it a popular destination for people who are interested in beauty products and trends.  


Another travel trend that 2018 saw was culinary travel. This trend requires tourist to work a little for the meals they eat. This requires people to connect with locals and take cooking classes to learn how natives prepare and cook their foods. It also requires that you go on the hunt for specific ingredients like truffles and herbs in the forests and gathering scallops and seafood from the water. Travelers have engaged in these activities in countries like England, Portugal, Australia, Cape Town, and Abu Dhabi.


A lot of times millennials get a terrible reputation, but some companies decided to capitalize on this generation by creating a millennial-only cruise for travelers ages twenty-one to forty-five. The cruise ship features DJ lounges, restaurants, and shore excursions. 2018 was the first year these types of cruises were offered so you may see more of them being offered in 2019.


Fitness has become a major obsession over the past few years. New specialized fitness centers are popping up, and new diet trends are coming out so it shouldn’t be any surprise that fitness travel is something people were searching for in 2018. Fitness trips are becoming increasingly popular and include activities like hiking, cycling, marathon running, trekking, rafting, kayaking, and sailing. Because these have become so popular more destinations are making it a point to offer these types of activities, which means that it’s never been easier to find an active vacation spot that suits all your needs.


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