There is no cap for options you can find when it comes to travel tours. As a travel agency in Miami, Florida, we have found that there are a few leisure group tours that you do not want to miss! Check out our list below and contact us when you are ready to book your group vacation!

Napa Valley Wine Tour


The Napa Valley Wine Tour is the ultimate leisure tour for wine enthusiasts. Located in California, this tour takes you and your group on a wine tasting like no other. Whether or not your wine tasting skills are equal to that of a sommelier, you will all thoroughly enjoy this illuminating adventure. You can book tours for groups, weddings, concerts and sporting events, and even corporate excursions. These custom wine tours are set to you and your groups preferred style. You can take this wine tour through Napa Valley by fleet, bus, or even in a luxury limousine!

You can even take the Alcatraz and Wine Blending Tour from San Francisco! This unique venture involves a grand view of the Bay Area and a wine blending experience where you become the winemaker! Enjoy lunch at the Fisherman’s Wharf area and then hop on a ferry to Alcatraz Island to take a tour of the iconic prison itself!

Iceland Travel Tours

Iceland is known as the Land of Fire and Ice because of its natural contrast. Because of the exclusive nature of the gorgeous country, the amount of exhilarating tours your group can take is endless. A favorite is the Northern Lights Tour. This tour gives you a view of the translucent northern lights unlike anywhere in the world. Depending on the length of tour you choose, you can experience Iceland’s town of Reykjavik and more of Iceland’s beautiful spots. You can feast on crab and langoustine whilst experiencing the finer things that Iceland has to offer. After your one of a kind views of the Northern Lights, you and your group can end your trip at the classic Blue Lagoon where you can reveal in delicate spa treatments. Enjoy Iceland’s view from the warmth of your hotel, or venture into the wild by hiking up Iceland’s incandescent glaciers!

Southern African Tours


These travel tours take you and your group through a unique adventure to South Africa’s thundering Victorian Falls. You will start off in the melting pot that is Johannesburg in South Africa where you will view the township of Soweto, formerly home to icons such as Nelson Mandela. You will cross the borders of Zimbabwe where you will witness the magnificent natural sights of the Victorian Falls.  Your group will be able to gaze into the lives of local inhabitants of Swaziland, one of Africa’s last remaining kingdoms. Any travel agency in Miami, Florida can recommend this tour and claim it as an experience like no other. This unique cultural experience will certainly be a group travel destination that you will not want to miss.

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