It’s no secret that travel improves happiness, but do you know the travel tips and tricks to achieve this? EKITravels in Miami is a great resource to learn how to handle your travel plans, so you get the most out of your trip. As the travel agency Miami FL locals trust the most, they can help you understand the steps you should follow when trying to map out your next adventure. Keep reading to learn more!


The Best Travel Tips and Tricks For Happiness

A little fun in the sun or rest and relaxation definitely does the soul good! People need to escape their everyday worries every once and a while in order to achieve happiness. However, trying to figure out what to do when you’re traveling isn’t always something easy to do, which is why you may need the help of the travel agency Miami FL natives rely on for their planning needs.


In order to get inside travelers’ heads, a survey was conducted to find out more information about what helps people achieve happiness. Out of eight different options including travel, food, and drink, live events, a home, fitness, education, personal care, clothes, or a car ninety-eight percent of people chose travel. This indicates that a majority of people would rather spend their extra money on traveling experiences rather than other luxuries. The people in the survey were asked when it comes to your happiness how important is travel? Sixty percent of the participants said extremely important, thirty-five percent said it was very important, and only five percent said it was somewhat important. Then the same people were asked what exactly about travel makes you happy? Are there certain aspects that you look forward to the most. A majority of the participants said that learning about the destination and its people was what made them most happy. Followed by connecting with the local culture, seeking adventure, disconnecting from everyday life, meeting new people, trying new food, and helping support local communities.

Next, the people were asked who they most enjoyed traveling with. Surprisingly, fifty-five percent of people said they most enjoy traveling with new people. Then fifty percent said with friends, forty-three percent said on their own, forty-two percent said with their partner, and finally, twenty-seven percent said with family. The group was also asked what inspires them the most to get out and travel. Seventy-one percent when they’re browsing online and see advertisements, sixty-five percent said talking with friends and family about travel motivates them, fifty-two percent said books inspire them, forty-eight percent said other people’s pictures on social media give them the itch to travel, and finally, thirty-two percent said magazines spark the idea.


Finally, the group was asked what traveling was more vital than in regards to their happiness. Material things topped this answer with eighty-three percent of people providing that answer. Next came buying a car with sixty-three percent of people using it. Forty-seven percent said traveling made them happier than getting promoted at work. Forty-one percent ranked it above having kids. Thirty-eight percent said it made them happier than getting married and the last thing listed with twenty-five percent of people using it as an answer was retiring.


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