Travel agents often book group trips and it can easily be some of their favorite work as they can book 20 people much faster for the same trip than it would take to book 20 different solo travelers to 20 different destinations. If you work in a travel agency near me, travel packages are an option you may use often, but do you truly have all of the best resources that you can offer your clients at your disposal? Teaming up with a travel management company such as EKITravels will ensure that you can offer your clients everything they desire and for the best price possible. Read below to learn how and contact us today if you would like to work with us to make your clients dreams come true.


Why EKITravels?


While even the most experienced travel agent may have several group package deals under their belt it is still best to team up with a travel management company for the follow reasons:


  1. Most travel agents focus on a niche. This is good don’t get us wrong, but there will be many instances where you will need to reach out to an expert in another receptive niche. In our case, we focus on corporate travel, wedding destination management and pretty much anything dealing with group bookings. Group packages are our “thing” and we have a global network of partners that provide the best deals even in the most remote of places.

  2. A travel management company such as ours proves to a valuable resource as we communicate directly with each vendor. Should any problem arise, our company can step in and speak to the right people and resolve issues swiftly.

  3. We Can teach Agents a Thing or Two
  • Step by step assistance for first time booking agents
  • We can hold group spaces
  • One on one training with agents


Tips For Travel Packages


If you are searching for a travel agency near me in Miami or abroad, it can be tempting to click on the first agency you see. We recommend that if you are planning a trip for a group that team up with us and experience all of the group travel packages we provide for our clientele.


When it comes to booking travel packages it is important as an agent that you fully understand your clients expectations and obtain quotes for the current group number and then a rate for what it would be for 5-10 more. Until the very last day arrives, anything can occur, so it is best to be prepared in case of sudden shifts in the number of people able to attend.


Always ensure your clients are well aware of cancellation policies and any fees that may come up with their trip ahead of time so that there are no surprises.


Contact one of our agents to learn more insider details on how to provide the best service possible.


Contact EKITravels Today


Contact EKITravels today to get started. We work with hundreds of travel agents around the world and iad them in securing many hard to find resources. As a travel agency near me in Miami, you may need to work with a company with a more global reach. We look forward to working with you and can’t wait to create something amazing together.