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EKITravels is a travel agency in Miami, Florida. We offer great deals on travel packages for excursions throughout the U.S.A! We have accumulated an exciting list of vendors for the past twenty years in order to provide you with the complete experience while on your American journey. So, whether you are a corporate travel agent, a lone traveler, or you want to bring your family to seek out America’s exciting adventures, contact us today!


Here are just a few places EKITravels has sent our clients!


Northern Travel Packages


If you are looking for the complete experience, you will want to inquire about our travel package deals for the U.S’s northern area. You have:

New York City: The city that never sleeps. Endless classic shopping, Broadway shows every night, and historical landmarks as far as the eye can see. Here you can visit the 9/11 Memorial, the Statue of Liberty and more.

Chicago: The Windy City is home to world-class museums and is a terrific spot for the shopaholic. You can see breathtaking city views on the Skydeck or go ice skating in Millennium Park.

Seattle: a city that is thriving on its perfect blend of metropolitan meets nature. The weather can be ideal, and their array of activities is suitable for any traveler.


Southern Travel Packages


The South is a perfect blend of mix-matched opportunities. One city will never be like the other. Check out these Southern travel packages below:

New Orleans: Hot Cajun food and the soothing sounds of jazz meets the historic streets of Louisiana City. Bourbon Street is the tourist hot spot full of bars and restaurants for those brave enough to endure the crowd. Be sure to try the famous Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s!

Orlando Theme Parks: There is Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Universal Studios plays host to its own theme park, now famous for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, along with the Island of Adventure and the new Volcano Bay water park. The list of theme park option goes on.

Florida Beaches: If you want to divulge in the presence of a picturesque beach, Florida’s west coast has it made. Their beaches are filled to the brim with powder soft sand in conjunction with deliciously fresh seafood Some popular locations include Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach. Of course, we are biased by our own glamorous backyard. For a travel agency in Miami, Florida isn’t a bad spot to set up camp!


Eastern and Western Packages


California: This state is known for its home to movie stars, but the surrounding atmosphere is just as exciting. The city limits are endless, as is the mass number of things to do

Las Vegas, Nevada: Sin City, where everything is served up on a silver platter. Vegas is known for its gambling and casinos, but don’t miss out on the variety show that plays within the hotels. Anything from magic acts, musicals, to Brittany Spears, can pop up at one of the well-known Las Vegas hotels. The shopping is bountiful, and the buffets are filled with mouth-watering delicacies that will leave you wanting more.

The Carolinas: On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the Carolinas in the west. These states offer an intense historical background and are a great option for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Fishing, hiking, tubing, and camping are everyday activities in this part of America.


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