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EKITravels is the #1 travel management company based in Miami, Florida. We offer great deals for different types of Canada tours all throughout the great country! We have accumulated an exciting list of vendors for the past twenty years in order to provide you with the complete experience while on your journey through Canada. So, whether you are a corporate travel agent, a lone traveler, or you want to bring your family to seek out Canada’s exciting adventures, contact us today!

Here are just a few places EKITravels has sent our clients!

Canadian Rockies Tours


If you are looking for the complete experience, you will definitely want to ask us about the Canadian Rockies. This mountain range spreads from the Canadian Prairies to the Pacific Coast. You can marvel in its nature by train, sky, or foot depending on your preference. We can set up tours that take you through a historical timeline of these peaks and valleys or you can take the physical route and do a bit of hiking! The Canadian Rockies are also full of different park options for you to discover. The Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho make up the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks. You can also visit Waterton or the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park!

The Ultimate Travel Management Company


Here at EKI Travels, we work with travel agents, travelers, and families alike to bring you the best experience possible. That is why we are the ultimate travel management company. In conjunction with these tours, we like to offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well as search for unique deals on souvenirs or excursion packages! If you are a corporate travel agent looking for packaged Canada tours deals for your client’s Canadian getaway, contact our experts at EKITravels so we can get in touch with the right vendors!

Toronto Vacation Packages


If you are visiting Canada for a corporate conference, there is no reason why it should be all work and no play! Indulge in our Toronto vacation packages to see what joys this city has to offer. See the gems of Toronto City in a small group city tour or simply ask us about local brewery tours! Toronto is Canada’s largest city that has a never-ending list of activities for you to indulge in while on your work conference.

The Niagara Falls Experience


Feel the breeze from the exquisite Niagara Falls by sky or sea! We offer an experience from across Canadian borders to get a new look at this wonder. You have your choice to tour this location by one of our friendly cruise boats or from the eyes on an eagle in a fun-filled helicopter ride! We can find you all the latest hot spots surrounding the Niagara Falls area so that the fun never ends! You will learn about the history from a Canadian viewpoint and appreciate this natural environment more than ever before.

Ready for more? Corporate travel agents, families and more are encouraged to contact EKITravels based in Miami, Florida to learn more about our Canada Tours Packages!

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