Travel leaders, such as the professionals at EKITravels in Miami, Florida, frequently work with travelers who book their adventures in groups. It can be hard trying to decide on a single location when you have a handful of people declaring their own dream travel spots and recommendations. And once you get there, it can sometimes be difficult to stick together as a group as you are out exploring this foreign destination. Well, to help save you on these hassles, the first step is to search for a “travel agency near me.” And once you see EKITravels, you will know that you have come to the right place.


To help get you started, here are a few group travel destination recommendations that you can share with your future group of travel comrades. Then, call EKITravels to help set your travel plans. We help with everything from corporate travels, excursions, hotel stays, and airfare!

Park City Utah


For a bit of outdoor snow festivities, EKITravels recommends Park City, Utah. This spot is a popular destination if you and your group want to play around in Utah’s powder fresh snow extremities. Their three distinct ski area include Park City Mountain, Deer Valley, and the Canyons. Each of these resorts holds its own forte to create unique experiences. The party crowd tends to stay at Park City, while the Canyons are great for a big family group vacation. Deer Valley is a mellow splendor that offers relaxing tranquility in the Utah mountaintops. Park City is also a forty minute drive from Salt Lake City if you want to experience the modern nightlife. If you are looking for a summer travel destination, Utah has golf and farmers market enjoyment among a slew of other excursion options. They also host a wide variety of condos that are ideal for groups of travelers.

Cusco, Peru – Travel Leaders Top Recommendation


For a little bit of cultural immersion, Cusco, Peru is an exquisite blend of history and modern adventures. Visit the Plaza de Armas, which holds a rich backstory dating back to the Spanish invasion in the 1700s. Here you can make your own Peruvian chocolates, immerse yourself in the local thrift shops, and even enjoy a Starbucks coffee. And at night, this center is a great spot to experience the Peruvian nightlife and try a pisco sour. Peru is also home to some of the greatest rainforest excursions and is home to the natural wonder Machu Picchu. This habitat formerly home to the Aztec people is only a short train ride away from the glamour of Cusco.

Orlando, Florida


Orlando is well known for being a high tourist destination, but it has a lot more to offer than theme park entertainment. This town is crawling with adventures nightclubs, with downtown Church Street being the key spot for locals and visitors alike. You can engage in speakeasy bars, happening clubs, or visit pop culture places such as Joysticks which is an 80s theme arcade bar. Orlando’s surrounding springs are also a fun way to incorporate outdoor activities into your group getaway. No matter what agency you find while searching for a travel agency near me,  they will surely suggest Orlando as the perfect option for group getaways. Orlando is one of America’s ideal travel destinations if you are looking to have a jam-packed eventful vacation with your group.

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