Planning a trip can get extremely stressful. Especially when a person has never done it before. This is when you factor in. As a travel agent, you are their guru of all things travel. With that being said, you must understand what goes into factor when creating a successful itinerary with a travel itinerary planner. Here at EKI Travels we are experts and will guide you through the process.  Our Miami office is trained and ready to assist. You want to ensure that they will never again need to search the phrase, “travel agency near me.”

It Is All In The Preparation

You have seen it before. You are at the airport, and you hear a traveler or two, who is abroad and seems to be entirely out of it. They don’t know where they are and they aren’t aware of the time zone shift. Sometimes they aren’t even native to the spoken language. They are not frustrated and completely confused. This can be avoided by proper planning. The wished they found a “travel agency near me.”

Become the Ideal Travel Itinerary Planner

Be realistic. It is very often that your client wants to cram a list of 50 things to do with a very minimal budget. It is your job to show them it’s probably not going to happen unless they either expand their wallets or eliminate some outrageous activities off their list. With the right advice from you and the appropriate use of language, they will still be satisfied with the simplified list you created for them. Plus, they may even have some cash left over to splurge on something else.

Choreographing everything they want to do in a seamless schedule can get very tedious, but this challenge will be quickly rewarded the moment your clients realize that you planned the perfect vacation for them and their families. Research is critical in deciding how to estimate time, transportation, tours, laws, operating hours, holidays,  and travel plans.

Pay Attention To All  Details

Time is of the essence in these situations. What will happen if your client misses the train because their tour didn’t end in time? What about parking rates? Did you factor that? You need to anticipate the worst of every situation and have a backup plan in case the inevitable ensues. It is best to be prepared, and your client will appreciate it immensely.


What Are Your Connections?

Even when you travel yourself, connecting flights are the worst. There are plenty that can go wrong that may hinder your chances of catching your next flight. It can be anything from weather, to plane maintenance issues. This can very easily happen to your clients who travel. What do they do if it does happen? Should they search “travel agency near me?” That is where you come in. What’s the plan b? What about luggage? When it comes to all the issues and problems that may happen when they travel, you are the first person they will contact. You need to make sure you are prepared to answer and aid them. You are going to save their vacation.

Call Us Today For Assistance

You are a prime travel itinerary planner, and your client is depending on you to make their travel experience the best it can possibly be. Here at EKI Travels, we are here to make sure you will make that a possibility. We will aid you with any information or questions you may have that you can pass along to your clients. Contact us or visit our Miami office today to get more information.