When you are on vacation, travel insurance may be the last thing that is on your client’s mind. They most likely are just thinking about sipping a cocktail out of a pineapple, watching their kids play on the beach. However, this is an important aspect they need not to forget! It could save their dream trip from becoming a nightmare. At EKI Travels, we are your asset to ensure you have all the information you need to pass on to your clients. Our Miami experts have all the expertise and knowledge travel agency Miami FL needs to be successful. Contact us or visit our office in Miami today!


What Is It?

This type of insurance covers any unforeseen events your client, or their traveling companions, may face while they are abroad. These insurance plans primarily fall into two broad categories. These two categories are:

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Travel Medical Insurance


Five Travel Insurance Facts Travel Agency Miami FL Needs To Know:

  • Trip cancellation
    • This covers costs if an individual suddenly can’t travel because of whatever reason. This could be because of a death, illness, or other reason. Note that not all insurance plans cover cancellation. Only some cover your non-refundable, pre-booked cost if your trip is interrupted after you’ve left home. It is important for your client to read the fine print.


  • Medical emergencies and evacuation
    • Hospitals cost alone in the USA can cost up to $10,000 per day. Imagine other countries. If the individual needs to get transported home for treatment by a medical evacuation, that can reach $100,000. With insurance, this cost is almost eliminated. Be sure to read into the fine print to see the areas on coverage in regards to emergency evacuations, limits on medical expenses, and also emergency dental work.


  • Baggage & personal belongings
    • This is primarily the reason travelers by insurance. They want to make sure their bags are covered in case they ever get lost or stolen during a trip. Be sure to tell your clients, that this is the least important reason to get it. They need to be aware that medical is probably a better reason. While coverage of baggage is an added bonus, this should not be the determining factor.


  • Personal Liability
    • Do not get this confused with liability in regards to driving a car. If your client is involved in an accident or accidentally caused damage and is held accountable, insurance can cover their liability and legal expense.


  • Coming home early & resuming your trip
    • The way the insurance works is that the moment your client steps into their house, the policy has ended. So if they bought a policy that is a year long, but returns within five months, they aren’t entitled to a refund of the unused portion. This is stated in the clause of their policy. This is why it is important to read the policy in detail before they make a choice on what insurance to buy.


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