A lot of things spark the need to travel in people including travel inspiration books. There is something about reading about a place and the way it’s described in a book that makes you want to pack your bags and go! If you find yourself at a loss for travel inspiration you may want to pick up some of these top inspirational books; they just might give you the need to hop on a plane. If they do, you should call the best travel agency in Miami, EKITravels. They have been helping the residents of Miami and beyond plan their vacations.


Picking A Destination Based on Travel Inspiration Books

Even if you’re not a true bookworm or even into reading that much reading about a place can make you want to go explore an unknown place. This is why the best travel agency in Miami recommends picking up one of these books that can help you decide where you want to explore next. Keep reading to find out more about these books and where they might send you!


Chasing the Light by Jesse Blackadder is going to make you want to hop on a plane to explore Antarctica. This is a fictional retelling of three Norwegian women who were the first to visit Antarctica ever. The novel takes place in the 1930s and highlights the strength and determination of Ingrid Christensen and her companions.


We Came Here to Forget by Andrea Dunlop will make you seek out adventure in Argentina. This book is for anyone who’s ever wanted to run away and become a different person. This novel is indeed a page-turner and will have you hooked from the minute you open it up.


The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict is going to make you want to visit Austria. This book features pre-Second World War Vienna and is filled with dramatic encounters.


Daughter of the Gods by Stephanie Thornton will make you dream of Egypt. This book from 2014 features a portrait of Hatshepsut. It also features archery, chariot races, and will speak to all the passionate and independent women.


Josephine Baker by Catel & Bocquet will make you want to hear to France. This husband and wife team deliver an ultimately stunning novel with diverse and complex roles and characters.


My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante is the book that will send you straight to Italy. This novel is about the friendship between two young women in the 1950’s. The settings of the book include famous landmarks throughout Naples. It was also adapted into an HBO miniseries by the same title.


The Next One to Fall by Hilary Davidson will have you searching up flights to Peru, and your interest in Machu Picchu will especially be peaked. This dramatic tale tells the story of a travel writer, Lily Moore, who ends up tracking the murderer of a visitor who was pushed down a staircase at the landmark.


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