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Private Guided Tours

Want to find private tours Miami tourists enjoy? EKITravels’ Classic Privately Guided tours are ideal for people who want to see the main USA sites such as New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami and Key West and much more. The USA, with such deep history, multicultural social structure, and charming geography creates a world travel opportunity that few places in the world can achieve.

Some of these personalized tours we’ve arranged focus on special interests. Looking for a new way to see the USA? We offer many unique private tours Miami tourists love such as: Culinary Tours for those with an adventurous palate, Architectural Tours to focus on the country’s most beautiful buildings and statues, and even religious tours that will bring you to special places on your pilgrimage.

Our guided tours offer complete flexibility and luxury with carefully hand-picked professional English or dozens of other language speaking guides that bring the sites to life and facilitate an experience of USA that only a private tour can achieve.

The options and variations of our Guided Tours of USA are unlimited!

• Biblical Tours
• Culinary Tours
• Wine Country Tours
• Architectural Tours
• Adventure Tours
• Small, Medium and Large Group Tours
• Religious Tours
• Sport Tours
• Opera, Ballet, Musical Tours
• Incentive Tours
• VIP tours
We specialize in tailor-made itineraries for private tours Miami tourists enjoy, that create an experience of the classic sites that will inspire and leave you eager to return for more. Tour with EkiTravels and you will see from the beginning of the tour building process that we carefully customize every detail of your private tour based on your specific interests and every wish. We also have small group tours available for those who prefer to travel with other guests.

With our help, there’s no need to struggle with a language barrier. Since we’re based in the US, we’re able to assign hand-picked English-speaking or dozens of other language speaking guides that assist you throughout your trip. They’re carefully chosen for their knowledge of the country and its various attractions, so they will surely add value to your experience and make it a far cry from the typical tourist vacation.

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