A lot of travel agents work with the same client for years which helps them develop a good rapport with their customers. This enables them to choose a product they know their customer is going to love. However, even if you deal with a continuously changing group of clients, having good personal skills will make sure you are able to effectively communicate with them and are able to offer them a travel product that fits their requirements. EKI Travels has compiled a list of personal skills that can benefit your travel agent career and will ensure your clients keep coming back to you instead of searching “travel agency near me” on multiple search engines. Contact us today.

Good People Skills are Essential for a Successful Travel Agent Career

If the client thinks you are only there for the money or does not personally like you, it is likely that they are not going to buy anything you offer. However, if you take some time to give ears to and understand their plans, the clients will get an impression that your intention is to help them and have a greater chance of booking from you. they may also keep coming back to you for further information.

Be Insightful

The client should be able to imagine themselves in the selected location. Make them experience the destination in advance by explaining thoroughly what the place offers. Take the aid of videos, photos, and stories from other clients to convince them.

Familiarize Yourself With What You are Selling

It is important to know what you are selling. A product you have not only tried but are also excited about personally would be easier to sell. Try your best to get to know more information about the travel products you deal in. List down experiences of other customers, visit travel expos/shows, social events, and product training. Ask the company representatives various questions and make them aware that you are keen to understand the product even better. Collect business cards and remember to hand some out of your own.

Be Comprehensible

It is essential to be clear to the client so they thoroughly understand what they are booking, particularly when dealing with clients who do not speak the native language as well. It is your job to make sure that your client departs with complete details about things like pick up location and time, hidden costs, what to take, etc.

Print out a checklist for them (generally comes with the travel products you are selling) and get a pen out. Make them sign the deal so there is no confusion about the things they booked and the policies of the company (regarding cancellations etc.).  

Developing these personal skills can immensely help flourish your travel agent career and build everlasting relationships with your customers.

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