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EKI Travels houses the best of any travel agent in Miami, offering a number of services to make your trip exactly what you have always dreamed. We do not cater to one budget, we only strive to make your vacation as incredible as it can be regardless of what your needs are. If you are looking to get away from your everyday life and have the vacation of a lifetime, contact us at EKI Travels in Miami and begin planning your trip today.


Does Vacation Planning Stress You Out?


Vacations can be a relaxing time for anyone. It gives you a moment away from your daily life to enjoy luxuries you would not be afforded otherwise. Those who lead stressful lives can gain time to recharge and readjust. However, planning a vacation can often cause more stress. This is because there are so many aspects that you must consider in order to ensure that you have all things taken care of when you head out to travel. You have to coordinate your flights or other forms of transportation and the actual accommodations that you will be staying at. Then you must consider the activities that you will be doing at the actual location that you are traveling to.

All of these components can be too much for those who already lead very busy lives they are trying to find a break from. That is why a travel agency can help you get the much-needed break that you have been looking for. Travel agencies work to get your plans straightened out so that you do not have to worry about those issues yourself. They can coordinate all the different aspects of your trip without giving you cause to worry.


Why Choose Us


EKI Travels has ample experience in the industry, and we know what it takes to get you a successful and amazing luxury trip in a number of locations. We are the #1 travel agent in Miami! We have access to a variety of different accommodation options including 5-star hotels and low budget cabins. Beyond simple accommodations and transportation, we also offer guided tours.

Our guided tours are entirely customized to meet the needs and wants of the individual or group, which ensures that every moment you spend on your trip is utilized exactly how you want. For those who want to see beyond the typical tourist sites, we can accommodate culinary tours, religious tours, wine country tours, as well as a number of other tours.

As any good travel agent in Miami, we also understand that international visitors travel frequently. For those who are visiting the US internationally, rest assured, as we have staff who can speak a variety of languages.


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We know at EKI Travels that being a top travel agency in Miami means having a variety of services for those clients that want a truly memorable experience. If you would like to begin planning the vacation of a lifetime, contact us at EKI Travels to speak to one of our agents today.

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