It is the end of the year and the fall leaves will soon turn into frigid snowfall. So you may be thinking it is the perfect time for a Miami weekend getaway. Weekend getaways are the perfect way to save on time and money, while still getting the pleasant warm release that Florida has to offer in the winter months. At EKITravels, we offer deluxe and premium Miami vacation packages that will help you make the most out of your weekend retreat.

EKITravels has been servicing travelers both seasoned and new with recommendations and accommodations throughout the U.S. We have been covering all fifty states, including Hawaii and the Caribbean, for over forty years to help bring travelers a perfect blend of what’s old and new. Whether you are looking to see the historical sights, or you want to know where the hot spot is for night clubs, EKITravels can guide you and your group t an unforgettable getaway weekend.

Here are our top choices for a weekend getaway in Miami, Florida:

5. Family Friendly Stays at Hilton


Hilton offers a branch of Hampton Inn and Suites up and down the east coast that would make for a friendly and budget-friendly weekend getaway for the entire family. Their four star rated motels have rave reviews about the hotel cleanliness and services. There are excellent options of restaurants and bars as well as poolside amenities for the family to enjoy. The typically offer sources for transportation such as people movers to get you and your family to the fun and sun of South Beach in no time! Ask us about packages including airfare and Miami excursions!

4. Miami Weekend Getaway at Sinbad Motel


This hotel rarely has a bad review. With an overall 4.5 rating, the Sinbad Motel will be the perfect stay if you are looking for the ultimate venture package. It is a hidden comfort that is both affordable and comfortable. If you plan on spending most of your days outside of the hotel room, then its prime location near South Beach makes this package the perfect fit more adventure seekers. Ask us about packages including airfare and Miami excursions!

3. FBH Fashion Boutique Hotel


If you are looking for shopping opportunities in the fashion forward city of Miami, then the FBH Fashion Boutique Hotel is calling your name. It is a great stay for a girls weekend getaway and will have your group nestled in the corner of Washington Avenue. It is modeled after fashion icons of the past and present that will leave you inspired. Ask us about packages including airfare and Miami excursions!

2. Four Seasons Hotel in Miami


Right on Brickell Avenue, this gorgeous hotel offers the best from restaurant options to immediate access to the beaches of Miami. They are in a prime location for easy access to local hot spots, which is why the Four Seasons is a highly sought after for Miami vacation packages. And of course, it wouldn’t be the Four Seasons without sunset balcony views and dreamy comforts.  Ask us about packages including airfare and Miami excursions!

1. Luxury Stays at The Setai


If you are looking to have the pinnacle of Miami weekend getaways, then you will want to stay the The Setai. It is adjacent to South Beach, where everything is happening. They offer breakfast buffets, courtyard views, among many other quality amenities. If you are looking for Miami vacation packages that are relaxing, exciting, and grandeur all in one, then this is the getaway for you. Ask us about packages including airfare and Miami excursions!

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