You are in unfamiliar territory. You do not know the customs. You do not know the language. You do not even know where the nearest bathroom is from where you are currently standing. Also, where can you catch a taxi? Traveling abroad can get crazy fast if you are not an expert and do not know what you are doing. This is why it a smart choice for your clients to take advantage of luxury travel companies. Once you provide them with that perfect tour group, they will be thanking you in no time. EKITravels is here to ensure that you have the all the information about tour groups to pass along to potential clientele.  We are the perfect resource for a travel agency in Miami.


Benefits of Traveling in a Tour Group

  • Someone will show them the way
  • Instant friends
  • Safety
  • Organization
  • Group Discounts
  • Immediate access to things they would not be able to see otherwise
  • The ability to learn about the culture from someone on the inside
  • The flexibility to tailor their travel to what they want to see


When Should Your Clients Hire Luxury Travel Companies?

  • When they have very little time. Business travelers have learned the value of a private tour guide when they have just a short time in a place and still want to have a meaningful experience.


  • When they are visiting a relatively dangerous or chaotic location. Anyplace with a reputation for being dangerous or unpredictable means a private travel guide can help keep you safe and out of tough spots.


  • When they are visiting a particularly popular location. A private tour guide will know the tricks and tactics to help them get the most out of a heavily visited place by going before or after the crowds, for example.


  • When they are on a long stay and want to know the area really. Hiring a private travel guide at the start of a more extended stay can help them get their bearings for the area and will often leave them with a list of things to explore on your own.


  • When they are taking an adventure trip. Unless you’re an expert at their chosen activity and the local region, weather, and topography, hiring a guide could be a matter of life and death. In some regions, foreign visitors are required to hire guides.


  • When they want to hand over the boring logistics. The hassle of obtaining tickets, timing reservations, checking operating hours and figuring out the details is easy stuff for an experienced travel guide and often paying them merely is worth it for the value they get.


  • When the language barrier is too severe. When they do not speak the local language, and the locals are unlikely to express theirs, hiring a private tour guide can be invaluable.


Contact Us and Aid Your Travel Agency in Miami

Finding a good travel guide can be a challenge since many don’t have a website or market themselves. That is where you come in. Clients depend on luxury travel companies to handle all of the stressful aspects of a trip abroad, as they should. If there are ever any doubts or issues, contact us immediately. EKITravels is the perfect resource for you. Call us today and help your travel agency in Miami.