Morale is an essential part of a successful business, especially when it is in regards to the employees. All employees are different. They are on different pay scales, and they all have different roles. Because of this, when low morale strikes, the entire organization can suffer. This can create an entire butterfly effect. A good way to boost this morale is with incentive programs. Here at EKITravels, we are a corporate travel management company that is here to show you how incentive trips can improve morale. Based out of Miami, we are your asset to ensure you have all the information you need to pass on your clients.


We Want More

Today, money in employee pockets is always welcomed, but there is something else that they also crave in order to stay focused and motivated. Remember, they work long hours to get their employers the results they want. As a company, they want to keep their employees logging those lours and returning those same stellar results. Some employees even work on salaried bases, earning the same for their hard efforts as they do for the minimum that is required. So there needs to be something that motivates them to keep doing their best. This is where incentive trips come in.


When an employee knows that incentives are on the table and they have to compete for them, employees immediately become encouraged and motivated to keep up the hard work. This essentially sparks the fire and keeps it burning.  


Incentive Programs With Corporate Travel Management

Think about it. When an employer takes their top players on incentive travel experiences, they are giving them an opportunity to get to know each other beyond the office environments This is an excellent opportunity for team building. They may already know each other and interact well, but when they are on a shared travel experience, it takes them into uncharted territory.


The unique nature of being in a new place together and sharing exceptional experiences is one of the most potent team-building tools organizations can use to create healthy, cohesive teams.  The people get to know each other on an intensely human level, reducing workplace tension. Overall, the business would improve in performance, and it will create a more pleasant work environment.


Here Are Some Tips

  • Establish corporate incentive program objectives.
  • Decide on a target recipient.
  • Learn what the preferences, interest, and values are of your employees and incorporate that into your budget.
  • Study the behavior and performance of your employees that way you can make practical goals that must be achieved to reach the incentive you offer.
  • Be sure to have a clear system.
  • Think of any obstacles.
  • Recognize applicable tax implications.
  • Evaluate all those who won and those that did not win to determine whether the program was effective in accomplishing your established objectives.


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We want to ensure your clients have all the information in regards to incentive programs. Here at EKITravels, we are here to provide you with all the information you need. We are a corporate travel management company.  If you have any concern or questions, feel free to call our Miami office. We are here for you! If you are a travel agency based in Miami, contact us today!