EKITravels has decades of experience helping business owners and their staff travel the world. As one of the go-to travel agencies near me, they can offer an amazing value on hotel accomodations to ensure the best rate at a reputable establishment. With hundreds of partners around the globe, whether you will only be visiting a country for work for a few days or a few months, we can make this process simple, easy and more affordable. Read below to learn about how our services far surpass others due to our experience as a travel management company or simply contact us today.


Why Should We Use EKITravels for Corporate Travel?


Simply put, travel agents from other companies come to us because they know that with our vast experience and global network of partners, we are able to fulfill requests that aren’t normally available in smaller travel agencies.


In addition, after many years of providing our trusted partners with clients, we have been able to obtain the best possible pricing for excursions, hotels, entertainments and much more. Just as large department stores are able to negotiate lower prices for the same goods and services that other smaller stores may desire, EKITravels has been able to do the same due to our volume and reputation.


Lastly, our reputation speaks volume. The majority of our business has come from world of mouth. When you hire a corporate travel management company, you can’t leave any detail to chance. You need a company that will ensure the success of your trip and arrange every detail so that no mishaps occur. Our business is proud to specialize in helping CEO’s and their staff travel around the globe. There is a unique set of skills and needs that our agents possess that allows them to be the top experts other agents go to when needing help arranging travel plans for their business clients. This peace of mind is something that one simply cannot overlook.


What Types of Hotel Accommodations Are Best?


When it comes to hotel accomodations, you may be searching for a “travel agency near me” online. If so that is great, but what about obtaining lodging information from a  travel management company such as ours that other travel agencies turn to?


If you and your employees must stay in a country for longer than a couple of days it is advisable to utilize a condo style resort which includes a full kitchen, living area, balcony space and more. If you must travel solo for work, this is also a great option.

For luxury accommodations, we have a full array of partners who can accommodate just about any request. Enjoy VIP concierge services, limo pickups and dropoffs and much more. Simply speak to one of our agents to learn about how we coordinate every aspect of our trip.


Contact Us Today!


If you desire to work with a “travel agency near me”, you can mind many online easily. One that you should truly consider is EKITravels. While based in Miami, our network is worldwide. We know how to make our corporate clients stress free and content during their travels and ensure nothing but the best of experiences. Contact us today to learn more about our packages and customized solutions.