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Why Go to Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands rise from the see on top of massive volcanic mountaintops, harboring a tropical climate and laid-back Pacific Island vibes to create a special atmosphere. Hawaii have a diverse and beautiful landscape that ranges from the remarkable lunar surface of the Kilauea volcano to lush green tropics blooming with exotic flowers of every strip. Ancient rivers running through the rock Kauai have carved deep to create the Waimea Canyon. Waterfalls stream down the mountain sides like the Earth shedding tears on the dramatic Na Pali coast, while the Big Island houses and active volcano whose anger people used to fear as the gods.

Waikiki is one of Hawaii’s biggest and most well-known tourists attractions. A suburb of Honolulu, Waikiki is crowded with big resorts, fine dining, entertainment, and shopping. The Waikiki Historic Trail includes historic markers made of surfboards, inspired by Waikiki native Duke Kahanamoku. The boardwalk is lined with cafes and a variety of entertainment venues, while Diamond Head state Monument sits just at the end of the crescent-shaped beach, creating a distinctive profile on the coastline. In terms of military history, Diamond Head was once an important vantage point for the island’s coastal defense, and a steep hike to the top brings you to the artillery control station and old bunkers of previous wars as well as stunning panoramic views.

We Plan Hawaiian Excursions


As a top vacation management company and a resource for the best travel agency in Miami, EKITravels can bring your large group to the Islands to experience all of its natural wonders for yourself, and to share it with your employees, family, or guests.

One such wonder is Mauna Kea. On Hawaii’s Big Island lies its highest mountain- or, perhaps it is better to say that the Big Island is part of Mauna Kea. Floating above the topical paradise below, the summit, which can only be reached in a 4WD vehicle, is often quite cold and snows in the winter months. The Mauna Kea Observatory is an active research facility which welcomes tourists when it is light outside. Evening stargazing programs from around 9,200 feet are very popular with locals and tourists. However, only the most expert hikers should attempt a climb to the summit on the six-mile trail, which rises to an altitude of 13,800 feet.

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