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Any travel agency Hawaii-based will tell you that Hawaii is a stunning location to travel, whether it be for business or for pleasure. EKI Travels is a business located in Miami that provides travel management for both leisure travel for individual clients and business travel for corporate clients. If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us at EKI Travels and speak to one of our representatives about your travel plans.


The Beauty and Serenity of Hawaii


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is rich with beaches and wildlife and has years of history that give it depth in its layers of interest. You can go to Hawaii as a family to play at the beach or you can go solo as a surfer or even as a business person for a convention. Hawaii has the space and the diversity for you to never quite be bored.

Planning a trip to Hawaii, however, can be more stressful than you would have imagined. It means coordinating flights and hotel bookings. You have to look up the sights that you want to see and then decide if you want to rent a car or take a tour. You must then compare pricing and reviews on both of those components to find the one that is best suited for you. This all can take valuable time out of your day and leave you with serious anxiety simply thinking about it.

A travel agency Hawaii vacationers trust can help you with all of this. Beyond simply helping families with their travel, travel management companies can help you coordinate travel for your employees and work with your budget so that you can have everything that you need to be included. We at EKI Travels work with our own vendors and partners to get you the best deals and opportunities possible.


More Than a Hawaii Travel Agent


A Hawaii travel agent can only go so far in assisting you with your travel planning. Only a travel management company can take care of all aspects of your travel plans and make sure that you get what you need out of your trip. EKI Travels is the travel agency Hawaii vacationers love!

At EKI Travels, we value our clients and we know that luxury and memories can be achieved with any budget. Whether you are a corporate client or a family looking to travel for the first time, we can find you the right accommodations and excursions so that you can enjoy your trip fully.


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If you are living in Miami, come to EKI Travels and speak to one of our staff about your upcoming trip. We can set a budget and begin working with you to coordinate travel plans for you and your family or you and your office. Do not hesitate to contact us at EKI Travels if you would like to learn more or if you would like to see how we could help you plan the trip of a lifetime in Hawaii.

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