The best part about a guided travel experience is that you do not have to plan anything by yourself. Everything from the hotel to the transportation is taken care of by someone else. However, some people prefer flexibility and may feel that guided trips make for a cookie-cutter travel experience. The good news is you can still do a lot to personalize the trip and get an unmatchable experience. Eki Travels has compiled ways so you can get the most out of our guided tours in Miami. Contact us today for more information.

Utilize the Guide During Guided Tours in Miami

The purpose of a guide is to make sure your trip is enjoyable and interesting. Make sure you inquire them about everything before and during the trip so you can determine what the trip is going to be like. Also, take advantage of their expertise and experience to personalize the trip according to your interests. Taking initiative and communicating what your preferences are when it comes to art, food, sports, history or nature, etc. is essential to have a memorable experience. Not to forget, the guide can certainly give you the best recommendations.

Strike a Conversation With the Locals

If you really want to understand the culture of an area, then it is important to interact with the locals. Even though it can be difficult in a guided tour, you can still try to strike up a conversation when you are free.

Interact With Other Tour Members

Considering all of you chose the same tour, you and your tour members already have a shared interest. The best way to meet and interact with other people on the same tour is during group meals. Another great idea would be exchanging your contact information with members you were able to bond with so you can work out a future travel plan with them. It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of the trip is to relax, enjoy and gather new experiences so you can focus on making the trip as great and memorable as possible.  


It is essential to understand that it is impossible to see it all and do it all. Allot some time for relaxation and rest so you have the energy to take part in the planned events and activities fully. Keep in mind that the purpose of the trip is to treat yourself, so take a nap or have a drink when you are exhausted to refresh yourself.

A guided travel is one of the best ways to experience the world devoid of the hassle of having to plan everything by yourself and booking hotels, flights etc. Following the above tips will make sure you get the most out of your guided tours in Miami with Eki Travels.

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