Where in God’s creation can you renew your faith and reflect upon centuries of religious history? On our inspirational group travel tours and vacations! We have created a variety of uplifting itineraries that help you explore the roots of your faith, walk in the footsteps of spiritual leaders, and stand in the very places where events from Scripture actually occurred. Created with almost four decades of experience and a passion for travel, our faith-based vacations are the perfect trinity of faith, fellowship, and fun. Here at EKITravels we are here to ensure you get the experience you are hoping for. We specialize in group tours. You can trust our travel agency Miami FL.


Time To Travel

Nothing helps you feel more connected to the world around you than traveling. Seeing the people and places that have sculpted what and who we are today is a life-changing experience that always leaves you feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. Are you wondering some places that are great to visit? If so, we have the perfect places for you.


Almost every religion in the world recognizes the spirituality of travel. In scripture, various places are given great significance for the roles they play in different belief systems. Some are the birthplaces of gods, some are thought to be gifts from the gods, some are centers of religious leadership, and some are simply beautiful places to worship. These destinations, awe-inspiring even to the people in their own religion, draw pilgrims from all corners of the world each year. Our travel agency Miami FL, is one you can trust.


Great Places For Faith Group Travel Tours

  • Lumbini
    • Location: Rupandehi, Nepal
    • Religion: Buddhism
    • Significance: birthplace of the Lord Buddha
  • Vatican City
    • Location: surrounded by Rome, Italy
    • Religion: Catholicism
    • Significance: home of the Pope and center of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Wittenberg
    • Location: Saxony, Germany
    • Religion: Protestantism
    • Significance: birthplace of the Protestant Reformation
  • Mecca
    • Location: Makkah, Saudi Arabia
    • Religion: Islam
    • Significance: birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Badrinath
    • Location: Uttarakhand, India
    • Religion: Hinduism
    • Significance: the most important site of the Char Dham, the four Hindu pilgrimage centers
  • Golden Temple
    • Location: Amritsar, India
    • Religion: Sikhism
    • Significance: holiest place of worship for Sikhs
  • Western Wall
    • Location: Jerusalem, Israel
    • Religion: Judaism
    • Significance: the holiest of Jewish sites
  • Shrine of the Bab
    • Location: Haifa, Israel
    • Religion: Bahá’í Faith
    • Significance: mausoleum of the founder of the precursor religion to the Bahá’í Faith
  • Palitana
    • Location: Gujarat, India
    • Religion: Jainism
    • Significance: a most sacred city for Jains
  • Sri Pada
    • Location: Sri Lanka
    • Religion: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism
    • Significance: a religious destination for four major religious groups


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