Are you planning a trip with a large family or group of friends? Maybe you are looking into a vacation for a client who is an office and part of a team building experience. Regardless of what the occasion is, it is good to have all the tips when it comes to group travel. EKITravels are the experts when it comes to everything you need to know. Take a look at our group travel packages for a little taste of what we offer. We are deemed as the best travel agency Miami FL.


Now Is The Time To Plan

Group trips can be the best or worst type of trip ever. It all comes down to how the trip was planned. This can make or break a trip. The vacation can become one of the most amazing times of anyone’s lives, where individuals will bond with travel companions and reminisce about the group trip for years to come. Others, well… not so much.


Traveling as a group can mean inside jokes, great stories, learning more about how to travel, and plenty of laughs. Unfortunately, it usually also involves more precise planning and a lot of organization, which can lead to tension, indecisiveness, and bad planning. Luckily we are here to help. You can always count on the top travel agency Miami FL. We love group travel. It is our passion. We want to help you plan the best group trip possible and make it one of the great ones!


Some Tips Involving Group Travel Packages

  • Have a group leader
    • It’s best to appoint a group leader or two, even just to be the go-to person who knows how the planning is progressing and what needs to be done next.


  • Decide on a realistic budget
    • One of the stickiest points of group trip planning is often the budget because people can have very different ideas about how much money they like to spend when they’re traveling. As a group, you should agree on a budget for your trip and then adhere to it.


  • Book flights or travel first
    • The price of flights or ground transport can drastically increase the closer the trip date gets, plus spaces can fill up leaving no room for a big group. When you’re planning a group trip make sure you book your travel early to get the best deals and make sure you have enough space for the whole group.


  • Be sure to consider alternative accommodations
    • Choosing where to stay when you’re planning a group trip is a big decision and can make a huge difference to your travel experience. There’s more to accommodation than hotels, and in fact, they’re not necessarily the best option for a group, unless you’re after an all-inclusive resort experience.


  • Have a place to organize plans and take payment
    • Having a central place where all group trip members can access the group trip plan is key to keeping everyone informed. A group travel planner will help to keep everyone on the same page with what’s happening when and what they need to do. Even better, use a payment system to accept payments and pay who you need to, and cut out all that trouble of working out who owes who what.


  • Preplan some of the activities
    • Take a look at the top things to do in your chosen destination and consider pre-planning some activities, especially if you’re a large group.


  • Split Up
    • Just because you’re traveling as a group doesn’t mean you need to be glued together all the time. Everyone will have different ideas of must-see things or must-do activities.


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