Group travel is often a great way to celebrate important events in your life with the people you care about most. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a destination wedding, family reunion, bachelorette party, or just looking to see some sights you and your friends have always wanted to see, you’ll need to plan your trip. From destination transportation to transportation when you arrive, booking hotel accommodations and planning tours and meals, group trips can become exceedingly difficult to manage. You can easily take the headache out of managing large trips like this and instead remember to relax and enjoy yourself when you leave the planning up to a travel management company like EKITravels. To learn more about our group planning or our Miami vacation packages, contact us today!


Group Travel Management Made Easy


There are many factors that come into play when attempting to coordinate a group trip, and at a certain point, you may no longer feel the enjoyment you may have felt previously when attempting to coordinate every single detail. Multiple agendas must be taken into account. Some activities may include the entire group but others may wish to follow their own plans for a portion of their stay. With so many agendas to keep track of, it can be difficult to ensure everyone’s wishes are being fulfilled. In addition, many people may be traveling from different parts of the country or even different parts of the world, and the scheduling of their travel may seem daunting.


Instead of stressing yourself over every detail of every member of your group’s travel itinerary, instead choose to enlist the help of a dedicated and experienced travel management company such as EKITravels. Their industry relations will likely allow you to find accommodations and deals you may not have found otherwise.


Miami Vacation Packages & More!


EKITravels are experienced in planning group travel all over the world. Although they are based in Miami and offer amazing Miami vacation packages, they will likely be able to provide you with amazing travel opportunities regardless of where your destination lies. From tropical getaways to beautiful destinations, EKITravels will have you covered. Be sure to let them know of any travel restrictions you may have or any must see, must do destinations and activities for your group and watch your dream trip come to life.


Whether you’re looking to travel for a wedding or traveling with family or friends, or even looking to synchronize corporate travel, EKITravels will have a travel solution for you.


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EKITravels in Miami is an experienced group, corporate, and leisure travel management company. Their expertise has lent itself to many of their clients’ trips, as well as to travel agents. Because founder Eki Mikkonen is so well-traveled himself, he will surely have a personal touch to add to your trip, giving it the care you yourself would if you were planning it. To get the personalized trip you’re looking for, without the stress of planning it yourself, be sure to reach out to EKITravels today!