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Plan Your Next Girls Getaway


For a vacation with your girls, the last thing you want is constant stress and activity. Girls getaway trips are all about bonding, relaxation, and pampering. There are so many wonderful destinations to make that happen. Below are just a few that you and your girls could consider for your next trip.




Aruba is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. This perfect beach setting averages at 82 degrees Fahrenheit all year-round which means that it is ready for you and your girls at any time of year. The island boasts white sand beaches and luxury resorts among an assortment of other things. The Palm Beach Strip is a great part of the island to find a hotel, and you will be in no shortage of bars or casinos to visit. If you’re craving something more lowkey, you can always opt for a spa day at one of the luxury resorts on the island.




There is so much more to Cancun than what college students indulge in during spring break. Cancun is a place that is rich with history and has an array of gems hidden throughout where you and your girls can escape for a tranquil weekend of lazing on the beach and treating yourself to spa treatments. If you are interested in exploring, you can set up trips to the Great Pyramid at Chichen Itza, the ruins at Tulum, or the caves of the Rio Secreto.




You may not leave the country, but you are certainly not close to home when you travel to this set of stunning islands smack in the middle of the Pacific. Take on the Big Island and try unique dishes such as spam musubi or visit volcanic sites unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You and your girls can select one of the many resorts located on or near the beach and indulge in a Hawaiian luau for delicious food and a show of traditional Hawaiian hula.




Alaska offers an experience completely unlike the rest. This is because Alaska is a nature lover’s paradise. With Denali National Park a train ride away from Anchorage, the state’s capital, you and your girls can enjoy the brisk, clean air and the abundant wildlife in one of the country’s most beautiful states. Visit the Alaskan Native Heritage Center in Anchorage to learn more about the native people of Alaska or take a boat to visit the icebergs in Whittier.


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