Food is good. Food is great. The great thing about food is that you can enjoy it any type of cuisine from anywhere in the world, just by simply going to the grocery store or visiting a local restaurant. However, have you ever considered enjoying cuisines while combining it with world travel? Tasting a meal in the very place, it derives from can make the most significant difference. It is your job to relay this information to your clients. At EKITravels, we are here to give you the best locations and food tours the world has to offer. We are the best resource for a travel agent in Miami.


Food, Glorious Food

The pleasures of eating turn very mysterious when an individual combines it with travel. It seems a cup of coffee tastes what you would imagine angel’s tears taste like because you happen to be drinking it on a hotel balcony overlooking Prague. A taco suddenly curls up in your soul like a dog on your lab just because it came from a cart on the side of the road in Tijuana. Why does a coconut taste sweeter than a flamed-kissed creme brulee when a beach bum cracks it open with a machete on a Bohemian Beach? The point is, travel makes people hungry. Throw travel in the mix, and you open up many other doors to emotion. There is no access to romance and passion for introducing new flavors.  It, necessarily, is a feeling of pure discovery.


Oh, The Food Tours Your Will See

We created a list of places around the world we feel are underestimated and provide the best cuisine. If you are a travel agent in Miami, you must inform clients that they must be seen!

  • Palermo, Italy
    • The Godfather of street food
  • Mumbai, India
    • A movable feast of India’s flavors
  • Edmonton, Alberta
    • A gustatory adventure in North America’s northernmost metropolis
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
    • The food is a refuge from the barely contained daily existence
  • Bristol, England
    • A city that ignores the fuss of surrounding towns and forges its own path of glory.
  • Guadalajara, México
    • The O.G. of Mexican cuisine.
  • Cape Town, South Africa
    • A juxtaposition of culinary, terroir traditions, and outdoor enterprises.
  • Malmo, Sweden
    • Sweden’s up and comer that is punching well above its weight.
  • Vigo, Spain
    • Venture into undiscovered marine cuisine in Spain’s electric northwest.
  • Montreal, Quebec
    • Canada’s culinary capital puts a new spin on the past
  • Warsaw, Poland
    • Some of the most daring fine dinings in Europe is also the cheapest


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