Flying first class is not just more money for a ticket, but a worthwhile experience that can set the tone for your vacation. The term “first class” alone brings to mind quality service, top-notch treatment, and lots of leg room. Thanks to upgrades, travel membership clubs, and slipping prices, first class accommodations have become much more affordable through the years and not only an experience reserved for the extremely affluent. Travel agencies looking to book first class flights for vacationers looking up “travel agency near me” should recommend the following for their clients. EKITravels provides premium vacation management services in Miami and all over the U.S, so contact us today for more tips on booking first class trips!


Why Should You Travel First Class?


Yes, traveling first class is more expensive than flying economy or business class. However, you’re paying for a variety of added amenities economy and business class passengers don’t get to enjoy. The longer the trip, the better it is to travel first class. Sitting for an hour or two in a cramped space with limited drink options is tolerable, but on international or bicoastal flights it can get very irritating. However, many airlines have removed the first class option from their international flights in order to offer more business class seats and accommodate a larger group of travelers who want to upgrade. This is why travelers may be looking up “travel agency near me” in order to ensure their first class flights, and why you should contact EKITravels to ensure a VIP experience for vacationers.


First class air travel reserves seats on the front of the plane. It is the most efficient spot and passengers can board and de-board first, avoiding the general crowd and hassle of trying to find space for their luggage. Moreover, most airlines have first-class lounges with complimentary food and beverage service, Wi-Fi, and privacy.


First Class Flights For Travelers


Once on board, first class passengers continue to enjoy free food and beverage service with premium menu options compared to other passengers and have plenty of wiggle room with wider seats, more leg space, and free movies. As a tip, many times an attendant will allow you to upgrade when a first class section isn’t filled to capacity if you ask politely! Flying first class isn’t an absolute necessity, but many travelers aim to experience life behind the curtain at least once, where they can feast on fine wine and enjoy noise-canceling headphones on lie-flat beds.

Flying first class can reduce stress for travelers associated with airplanes and many put this as a requirement when searching for a “travel agency near me.” EKITravels can help you ensure every vacation is first class all the way and help you service every kind of traveler.


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