Vacations are vacations for a reason. It is a way for individuals to escape reality and take a break from everything that may stress them out in the real world. At EKI Travels, we want to make sure that you provide your clients with all the luxury they deserve in exclusive hotels. We want to you show them the luxury hotel amenities they may overlook while booking. As a travel agent, you need to put yourselves in their shoes. What would you like to see on a trip? Let them know of the great Miami vacation packages we offer. Contact us today!


How Fancy Is Too Fancy?

When it comes to luxury travel, hotels offer pretty basic amenities. Nothing that seems as if it is too out of the ordinary. However, there are some hotels out there that offer some pretty amazing, slightly over-the-top, amenities that you need to inform your clients about as soon as possible. Let your clients get the chance to take advantage of these opportunities and they will most likely have the best Miami vacation packages ever, all thanks to you.


Exclusive Hotels Offer Exclusive Amenities

  • A Tanning Butler. It literally is exactly what it sounds like. An individual will patrol around pool decks and help guests to apply sunscreen. The butler even offers a buffet of tanning products, sunglasses, and other sun necessities.


  • Pet Psychic. Client’s furry friends can benefit too! There are hotels that offer just as many amenities as their owners. This includes pet massage, dog walkers, pet acupuncture, doggie room service, and even a pet psychologist.


  • Gondola Couples Massage. A gondola ride now has a new meaning. Instead of just enjoying the scenery, couples can now get a one-of-a-kind massage from a personal masseuse.


  • Monogrammed Bathrobes. Before their arrival to the hotel, guests will receive a personalized robe in their rooms waiting for them to be worn.


  • Room Service for Pets. Simple. Gourmet meals provided to your hotel room door exclusively for your pet.


  • Fragrance Butler. Even better than a tanning butler, this butler will perfume you with upscale colognes. They will assist individuals to select, sample, and purchase signature scents.


  • Tea Sommelier. Some properties have tea experts who are available to its guests The qualified individual will work the floors and engage with guests enlightening them to subtleties, preparations, and benefits of each available selection.


  • Soap Concierge. This service is unique in a way that it provides guests to explore a wide range of soaps. They promise to cleanse, invigorate, moisturize and exfoliate.


These are only some of the many amenities that are available to guest across the world. Some of them you may offer with Miami vacation packages. With a little research, you are bound to find the perfect amenities to meet your client’s needs.


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There are certain amenities that only exclusive hotels will provide to their guests. It is your job to find out what that is. We are here to help. We are a travel management company that is dedicated to giving you all the information you need to assist your clients. At EKI Travels our Miami office has more than 40 years of expertise. Contact us today for more information.