In the modern workplace, just a decent salary and well-matched set of responsibilities aren’t necessarily enough to make a job worth pursuing. Due to the changing values of the American workplace as well as the expanding options available to both employers and employees, competition can be relentless when it comes to additional employee perk and benefits. Most companies already offer the standard package of health insurance and retirement plans, but there are even more exciting, unique benefits you can offer to your employees, such as travel or entertainment. The costs and logistics of offering “travel” can be a little bit less straightforward than offering traditional benefits, but there are many upsides to offering an employee discount program for travel. EKITravels provides all the resources for an online travel agency to create your employee travel package. If you’re in the Miami area, contact us today for more information on providing premium employee travel benefits!


Why Travel is Good For Your Employees


Offering employees travel options as part of their contract benefits both employees and employers. For employees, it can increase productivity by boosting morale. After all, knowing that there’s the promise of a vacation to a hot destination like San Diego at the end of the tunnel is usually enough to boost any employee through end-of-the year blues. The stress of minor annoyances and setbacks throughout the workday can be reduced by a vacation package to somewhere strategic like sunny San Diego. Just the thought of going on vacation is generally a large morale booster for  employees, can help workers feel better about their positions, leading to increased employee retention and productivity. Moreover, the vacations themselves help relieve stress. Use EKITravels, a top resource for any online travel agency, to keep your business stress free! Regular vacations helps keep stress levels down, and reduces their risk of developing physical and mental health issues such as heart attacks or depression.


No matter how cool or interesting your office is, everybody needs some time away from the office Giving your employees an excuse to utilize that time, wherever their package takes them, can help them rediscover their fondness and motivation in their job, which increases productivity and job satisfaction. When they are exposed to new environments and cultures, whether it’s somewhere exotic like Thailand or closer to home like Hawaii, can create inspiration and help them ultimately become better thinkers and employees.


You Need a Travel Employee Discount Program


Travel can help worker productivity in a variety of ways, but offering it isn’t very straightforward. Fortunately, EKITravels can help you navigate a travel package for your workers. This includes naturally working travel into some of your job responsibilities. For example, specific positions could regularly travel to trade shows or industry conferences in other cities, providing enriching experiences that could spark creativity and dull monotony.  Paid vacations could also be a perk of the job, much like a bonus program. Instead of handing out cash bonuses as an incentive, you could send employees on a paid vacation to a destination within a range of options. This is a bit more difficult for small businesses, but is definitely worth considering.


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