Congratulations on our upcoming wedding! If you have been searching for destination management companies Miami brides and grooms have turned to for their own ceremonies, EKITravels is the go-to source. As a destination wedding management company, we have a vast array of vendors and resources at our disposal after over 2 decades in the industry that other travel companies simply don’t. Read below to learn about what makes us unique and why you should consider us for your wedding. As a travel management company, we help other agents to plan these types of bookings! Contact us today.


What Makes EKITravels Different?


Simply put, our experience and global network of trusted and respected partners, had led to our great success. Word of mouth has been our main format for gaining clientele which speaks volumes in and of itself.


It is important to note that we aren’t a travel agency. We are a travel management company. This is important to distinguish. Brides and grooms often find travel agents locally, but those agents are often limited to the vendors that the company they work for have. These travel agencies are often quite small and haven’t been in business as long.


These travel agents will need help finding venues, entertainment, lodging and much more to fulfill the needs of their brides and grooms. This is where they turn to a  EKITravels. When it comes to destination management companies Miami couples turn to, we are it! We have connections with hotels in the most remote and exotic wedding locations. We can provide offer unique transportation options in order to fulfill just about any desire for a grand entrance or to simply move the bridal party around in exotic countries.


These benefits truly provide for a full-service experience that will ensure that no detail is left overlooked and no request unfulfilled.


What To Expect From Destination Wedding Management Services


The first step will be to consult with the travel agent fo with the bride and groom directly is no agent has been secured. Based on the destination, wedding dates and unique needs, we will begin to create a schedule of events encompassing all aspects of your trip. We will then walk your through exactly what a guests will experience from beginning to end of the entire process. From ticket purchases to their return vehicle service back to their door. We take everything into account: allergies, pets, emergency trip insurance should a guest have a sick relative back home and need to return unexpectedly, fresh flower delivery, delicate package pickup and all other circumstances that will be needed to be thought of and arranged for and ahead of time.


Reach Out To EKITravels Today


We would love to work with you and show you what has led to our excellent track record. While there are many destination management companies Miami couples can turn to for help planning their destination wedding, we hope that you will make the choice to use a highly experienced one such as ours to ensure that your big day turns out perfectly for all involved. Contact our destination wedding management company today to get started.