Planning a corporate incentive travel package can be difficult if you don’t know where to go. Destination management companies in Miami such as EKITravels specialize in working with companies to put together these types of programs. These incentives are a springboard for motivating your employees and it also shows your company’s appreciation for the hard work they do. Whether you are a large or small corporate business, there are endless sources for opportunities to reward your employees with travel packages.

Here is what EKITravel does to help you and your company plan an incentive travel package:

Determine Your Goals

In short, what is this incentive program accomplishing? Is it to kickstart a large company project so that deadlines are being met, or is it to maintain quality assurance throughout your company? This incentive can be directly related to increase in sales or product turnover, production rates, reduction of unnecessary resources, or some other factor that is a major component in your company.

You will need to determine whether or not this will be an ongoing (annual) incentive program or if it is a short-lived affair. Also, be sure to assign a value to the improvement that is being made as either a percentage, number of contracts, or a strict dollar figure. This will help in planning the budge for your travel incentive program.

Corporate Incentive Travel Budget

Experienced destination management companies in Miami will always start these incentive plans by inquiring about your company budget. Your budget should reflect on costs such as travelling to and from the destination, hotel stay and duration, and even hotel preferences. You will want to determine if any meals will be included and if transportation services are available. EKITravels will do their due diligence in sticking to your specified budget and can ultimately save you costs on incentive travel packages. Our list of vendors has grown immensely in our forty years since we have been in business so that we can promise get you the best deals conceivable.

Reward Tiers and Target Audience

Who is this incentive for? Does it apply to the complete staff or a certain department? If it is for the entire company, are their select reward tiers that offer higher end travel incentives for those who produce the most significant change within the company? You will want to be sure to implement a way to analyze specific employee performance and a system that will help you determine the winner or winners of this travel incentive program.


Determine Your Destination(s)

After determining cost factors and reward tiers, find out where your employees want to go. This can be done by implementing a simple survey or by conducting mandatory meetings or interviews. Once you get a general idea of a list of travel destinations, EKITravels can help you formulate a plan to procure individual packages or help you narrow down your options by telling you which destination will give you the best rate and your employees the best travel experience.

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