Choosing the correct luggage can make or break your travel plans. It is, in a way, the fulcrum on which the whole of your trip is placed. A shoddy piece of luggage can fall apart and ruin your trip. Similarly, choosing a piece of luggage that is ill-suited to the type of trip you’re taking can also serve to throw off your plans as well. There is a vast difference in the types of luggage you can purchase, as some pieces are meant to be used as carry-ons for flights, while others are best used on cruises or road trips. Enlisting the advice of one of the best travel companies, and the best travel agency in Miami, EKITravels, will ensure you are choosing the correct luggage for your trip. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more!


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The variations in luggage options you have to choose from are vast. You’ll most likely want to travel with a carry-on as well as checked luggage when planning for long flights, or you may want a one-size fits all option. If you’re traveling for business, you may require garment bags in order to keep your work outfits clean and neat. Making use of the personal item afforded you by most airlines as a free carry-on can be crucial when traveling with delicate items.


Making the decision between hard-sided and soft-sided luggage can also make a large difference in the convenience of your travel options. Soft-sided luggage can provide an advantage when it comes to fitting in into tight spaces, as the soft fabric it is composed of yields easily to tight fits and special fabrics. This type of flexibility not only makes this type of luggage perfect for carry-on luggage on a plane, but makes it easy stored and transported during road trips.


If soft-sided luggage does not prove durable enough for your travel needs, you may instead consider hard-sided luggage. Hard-sided luggage is often made of high durability plastic, which allows it to be lightweight and durable. This type of luggage is preferable for fragile contents, or fitting into fixed spaces. Although this type of bag proves to be less flexible, it is also generally durable.


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The type of luggage you should select depends on a number of factors within your travel plans, and you may find yourself unsure which type is best for you. Each type of luggage has its own pros and cons, and you’ll need to consider the specifics of your trip before committing yourself to one specific type of luggage. The advice of the well-traveled can come in handy here, and the advice of one of the best travel companies is indispensable.


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