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Best Places to Travel in the World


The world is not static, and just because you have visited a location in the past does not mean that it will be the same place this year. That’s the beauty of travel; you get to discover something entirely new each time you visit. Even if you are not, by nature, an adventurous person, you still get something very unique every time you decide to travel outside of your hometown.


To rank the best places to travel in the world can be a difficult task, and this is by no means a comprehensive list of places that would be absolutely incredible to travel to.


Costa Rica: This is an eco-lover’s paradise. With lush jungles and ample opportunity to get active, Costa Rica is the perfect place to mesh the need for a vacation with the need for exercise. Beyond this, Costa Rica also has beautiful beaches and an abundance of diverse fruits to sample on your visit.


Ireland: This island is founded on a rich literary history as well as a revolution that is still a part of the fabric of the earth to this day. Stay in the heart of Dublin or traipse through the Irish countryside to see the lush, green land in all its splendor.


Greece: Made up of little islands and a memorable mainland, Greece is a sight to behold. Visit the birthplace of Greek mythology and stand in the very temples where the ancient Greek prayed to their gods. Sample some of the fresh seafood right by the water in Santorini or wind through the verdant hills of Corfu.


Italy: Often reduced to pizza and pasta, Italy is so much more. Spend time in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Rome or take a day trip to Florence to see the rolling pastures of Tuscan country. Indulge yourself in a scoop of authentic Italian gelato or a freshly poured cup of espresso.


Japan: Japan is often seen as a meeting place between modernity and antiquity. With its highrise buildings and ample technological advancements as well as its centuries-rooted traditions, Japan is a place that will not soon be forgotten.


Where Should You Go?


It can be easy to get caught up trying to decide where you want to go this year, but a travel agent can help you navigate the chaos. They will sit with you and listen to your preferences as well as your budget and plan a vacation that will stay with you for the rest of your life. If you are looking for a travel agent in Miami, contact us at EKITravels.


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