For many of us, January can be filled with cold temperatures, gloomy days, and lots of rain- for those of us a little less fortunate, even snow. For many, it is the perfect time to plan a getaway; travel someplace new, maybe even someplace warm. The biggest questions when planning a great trip are figuring out where to go and what the best hotels might be once you get there. Whether you want to find someplace warm for the winter or if you just want a new adventure, you can trust the best travel agency in Miami to help guide you wherever you want to go. Whether you reside in south Florida or not- EKI Travels can help plan the trip of your dreams right down to the accommodations.

Chasing the Seasons

The best thing about traveling abroad is that you can literally plan a trip around the seasons. Some people like to travel during the winter months to escape the cold. If that is the case, anywhere in the southern hemisphere would be a great choice. Some people revel in the winter months; they love the cold and everything that seems to come with it. If this is more your speed and you just want to experience someplace new out of adventure, anywhere in the northern hemisphere will be beautiful at this time of year. Either way, if you are an avid traveler, it might be a neat idea to consider creating a bucket list of great places you’d like to travel to in the knowledge that you can trust the best travel agency in Miami to get you there.

How to Find the Best Hotels

There are dozens of travel sites and countless social media resources that list the best or worst places to visit. If you are looking for inspiration, Travel and Leisure is one of the top resources available when planning a trip. Their trusted sources and consumer review based research keeps their recommendations based on actual experiences. Their list of the top 100 hotels is a great place to start when building your travel bucket list. It seems as though for the current list, Asia is the top region on the list for best hotels as they have the most hotels that made the list this year, including the number one on the list located in Bali. If you are looking for a great way to see winter from a new perspective, one of the Asian hotels listed might be a great choice. If you’re looking for someplace warmer, you might consider one of the South American hotels listed, or maybe perhaps Australia. No matter what your taste or destination, we can help you find the great vacation you are looking for.

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