Traveling can be overwhelming; that’s why you should know about the best free travel apps that can help you with your next trip. If you’re in the Miami area, you could also rely on EKITravels to help you plan your future trips. As one of the top destination management companies Miami natives trust they have quickly become the experts that can not only offer you great advice, but they can also make sure you are getting the best deals around. Traveling isn’t cheap so it’s important to make sure you get all of the help you can. Keep reading to learn more about the best apps on the market.


The Best Free Travel Apps To Help With Planning Your Next Trip

Everyone needs a little help when planning their future vacations. Trying to navigate through all of the websites and different deals available can be stressful and almost make you not want to travel at all. That is why EKITravels, one of the top destination management companies Miami locals rely on to help with planning is letting you know about some of the best travel apps available. There is no such thing as identical travelers that is why depending on the type of traveler you are there is an app suited for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!


  • Frequent Flyer: The Flio app is for you. Flying is nothing new to someone that is always flying, but when you spend that much time in the air, and at airports, you’re bound to get stranded at one point or another. One of the worst parts about being stuck in an airport for a layover is knowing what is in the airport. No one ever thinks about researching the airport that they’ll be in because no one ever plans on spending too much time there, but when it happens, Flio is there for you. This app features detailed maps and alphabetized directories for over 3,000 airports around the world that way you’re never stuck without something to do.
  • Roadies: One of the greatest parts about hitting the open road for a trip is the small gems that you find hidden along the way. Roadtrippers is an app that can make this much easier. All you have to do is simply input your starting point, and destination and the app will pinpoint places you should see along the way.
  • Vacationing with tiny travelers: Traveling as a family presents a whole bunch of challenges, but having fun shouldn’t be one of them. Geocaching is an app that features a scavenger hunt. Having this will allow you and your family to use a map and clues to hunt different things throughout your trip.
  • Foodies: One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is all of the different foods you get to experience. Although you can search the internet for different reviews on restaurants, the app Time Out is a food lover’s bible. There are about sixty cities covered on the app including London, Paris, and New York and it features a list of local restaurants and bars that are worth checking out!


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