People from all over the world are eager to come to the USA. It is blessed by exquisite nature. Surrounded by seas on two sides, it is covered by mountains, forests, deserts, steppes and breathtaking beaches.

Gorgeous Canada.  Home of the Mounties, beautiful skylines and natural wonder.  The air is crisp and clean, the mountains majestic, the cities exciting and the water beautiful. Come experience Canada!

​Vi talar svenska!  Мы говорим на русском​!  Parliamo italiano!  Ne flasim shqip!

Azure skies, pink and orange sunsets, blonde sand and turquoise waters.  Come relax in the Caribbean (and don't forget your flip-flops)!

YOU are our Star!


The nightlife. The beaches. The sunshine and music.  We love Miami and so will you.  Interested in a city tour or an alligator show? We'll guide you on a fantastic journey through Miami!

We speak English!  Hablamos espanol!  Nous parlons francais!  Puhumme suomea!



Call for reservations - +1.305.501.4545 ~ Miami Office ext. 103, Los Angeles Office ext. 101

Bienvenidos a Mexico!  Full of music, beauty and history.  Come explore, hike, sunbathe and dance the days away!


Miami Tours

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The gorgeous Hawaiian islands are a magical place to travel and create your own tropical adventure.  You will never forget the lush and serene beauty that is Hawaii. Aloha!